Diving With Bubbles

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About Bubbles Dive Centre

 Bubbles focuses on conservation, safety, and quality dive education. We are the proud winner of 2020 Top Green Fins member, spreading our love of marine world to all our divers and student divers alike. We pledge to share this beautiful underwater wonder to everyone in its original state.

The Service

We take pride in our service, and making sure that our divers get the most out of each dives.

To ensure safety and enjoyment, we teach and dive in small group, our Dive Professional to Divers/Students ratio is 1:4.

We specialized on macro diving, muck diving, and diving with Photographers.

The Equipment

Specialized in servicing equipment, we keep all our equipment well maintained, and in very good condition.
We have all sizes of BCD to fit the largest to the tiniest divers:

For big and small divers

The Air

At Bubbles, we take everything into consideration, including different sizes of tanks to suits your air consumption so you get the best out of each dive.

Nitrox is also available at Bubbles.

15L, 12L, 8L, and 6L tanks are available for your choice.

We also provide Nitorx and analyzer for Enriched Air Divers.

100% emergency Oxygen and first aid equipment are available for emergency use.