Dive Price

Boat Dive

Own Equipment

Single Dive

RM 106/dive

2-5 dives/Person

RM 90.10/dive

6-9 dives/Person

RM 79.50/dive

10 dives and above

RM 68.90/dive

Shore Dive

RM 58.30/dive

Night Dive Surcharge

RM 31.80

*Special Trip

RM 21.20

Torch & Batteries

RM 31.80/dive

Nitrox surcharge

RM 31.80/tank


All dive are provided with a guide, tanks and weight belts. Wet suits, mask and fins are complementary. Only equipment charges for used of BCD and Regulator.

booknowEquipment rental

Equipment Price include GST
Regulator RM 15.90/dive
BCD RM 15.90/dive
Underwater Torchlight & Batteries RM 31.80/dive
Dive Computer RM 63.60/Day
Underwater Camera RM 63.60/dive
Nitrox Tank RM31.80/tank
Extra Tank for Side mount  RM21.20